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Why Inland?

Inland Seafood is committed to providing our customers a consistent supply of quality food that is transparent, traceable, sourced from well-managed farms and fisheries, and is responsibly produced and harvested.

Our Philosophy is Simple

“Deliver quality products; on a clean truck; with a courteous driver - on time."

- Chris Rosenberger, President

Living up to that for over 40 years has taken much work, with help from many exceptional people. Keeping our standards high means having everyone focused on excellence . . . all the time. Our passion is our compass throughout the day. Our commitment to quality products, impeccable service, and community involvement is evidence of that dedication. Inland was built on servicing one restaurant and one grocery store at a time, and with our growth, we still focus on each customer individually. Everyone at Inland Seafood views our customers as partners.

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Beautiful Landscape
From Above


We are proud to have embraced a business approach incorporating environmental, economic and social considerations in our efforts to create long-term, sustainable value. Sustainability isn’t just about “green” practices. It’s about being poised to move into the future as a responsible and successful company here to help our customers grow. It’s a challenge we’ve met throughout our history and we will continue to meet with hard work, talent, creativity, and sensitivity.


Since the beginning, quality assurance has been a central focus of our operations— practicing the industry's most stringent procurement and processing protocols before it was federally mandated. Our inventory features products from around the world, and we work diligently to vet each and every farmer, fisherman, and artisan supplier so that our customers can be confident in the quality, safety, sustainability, and integrity of the product they receive.

Fishing Village


At Inland Seafood, we believe in being responsible and active members of the communities in which we operate and understand that our success is directly tied to the well-being of the towns and cities where our facilities, employees, vendors and suppliers are located. Our goal is to provide value to these communities by creating jobs, operating responsibly, and promoting economic growth.

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