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Press Release: Inland Seafood Evolves into Inland Foods, Reflecting Expanded Product Offerings

Updated: Mar 11

Atlanta, GA - Inland Seafood, a prominent supplier of top-quality seafood to the

foodservice and retail sectors, proudly announces its transformation to Inland Foods. This rebranding

initiative aligns with the company's long-standing commitment to offering an extensive array of premium

products beyond seafood.

Founded on a legacy of excellence in the seafood industry, Inland Seafood has been a trusted partner for

culinary professionals for decades. However, recognizing the changing dynamics of the industry

landscape and the diverse preferences of consumers, Inland Foods has gradually expanded its offerings

beyond seafood to cater to a wider range of culinary needs.

"Inland Foods marks a significant milestone in our company's journey," said Joel Knox, Founder and CEO

of Inland Foods. "While seafood remains a cornerstone of our business, our new identity better

represents the diverse range of products we've been sourcing and providing to foodservice and retail

establishments for years.”

The decision to rebrand as Inland Foods underscores the company's commitment to growth and

adaptability. Through a larger focus on their offerings beyond seafood, including gourmet meats,

seasonal produce, specialty ingredients and other artisan-made goods, Inland Foods aims to better serve

the evolving needs of its customers while continuing to deliver the highest standards of quality and


"Inland is more than just a seafood supplier; and through this rebrand, we aim to become the trusted

partner that meets all of our customers' culinary needs," said Chris Rosenberger, President of Inland

Foods. "Whether it's sourcing the finest products or working with our customers to provide customized

solutions, Inland Foods is positioned as a comprehensive culinary resource, committed to delivering the

highest standards of quality and service in everything we do."

Inland Foods remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, integrity, and culinary innovation.

The company's rebranding represents a strategic move to strengthen its position as a leading provider

of premium food products to the foodservice and retail industries.

For more information about Inland Foods and its expanded product offerings, please visit:

About Inland Foods

Inland Foods is a leading supplier of premium food products to foodservice and retail establishments

nationwide. Formerly known as Inland Seafood, the company has rebranded to better reflect its diverse

range of offerings, including seafood, gourmet meats, specialty ingredients, and locally sourced, seasonal

produce. Committed to excellence and innovation, Inland Foods strives to provide its customers with the

finest products and unparalleled service.

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