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Press Release: Inland Seafood Expands West Through Acquisition of Texas Distributor Lonestar Seafood

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Atlanta, GA – Inland Seafood, one of the largest seafood distributors in the United States, a leading

packer of Maine lobster and supplier of seafood and non-seafood specialty products for thousands of

restaurants and retailers across the country, has acquired Lonestar Seafood, the premier supplier of

quality seafood products in Texas.

Since 2011, Lonestar Seafood has established a strong presence in the Texas market, with a solid

customer base and vendor network, an SQF certified facility, and an outstanding staff of dedicated

seafood professionals.

Lonestar Seafood has been approached by several industry players over the years, but the move to join

forces with Inland Seafood was motivated by a strong historical relationship and a foundation of shared

values. Inland Seafood’s mission is to provide top-tier service and products to their customers, to support

the growth of their vendors, and to operate with environmental, economic, and social considerations to

create long-term, sustainable value. The partnership with Lonestar, whose core values are quality,

service, and integrity, only further supports both company’s commitment to the industry.

Through this acquisition, Inland Seafood will be able to provide a broadened portfolio of products to their

customers, reduce their carbon footprint by merging logistics with Lonestar’s existing network, support

more small farms and fishermen in the Gulf region, and create jobs and growth opportunities for their

now combined workforce. As a 100% employee-owned company, Inland Seafood is proud to be able to

continue to add share value for their employees through this acquisition.

“I have made a commitment to Inland Seafood’s owners to grow their financial future through profitable

sales,” said Chris Rosenberger, President of Inland Seafood. “Lonestar Seafood shares many of Inland’s

core values, so when approached with the option to pursue this venture further, it was without question.

We have had our eyes set on the Texas market but wanted to expand through more than just the

presence of our trucks in the region. Partnering with a company that shares the same vision to grow

responsibly in all aspects of the business is the right and only way for Inland Seafood to accomplish that,”

he said.

Chris Harrington, CEO of Lonestar Seafood had these words to share: “We are excited to be joining forces with such a strong partner in Inland Seafood. Together we will work to fully realize our mission to be the premier supplier of quality seafood products in Texas. Alignment with core values was paramount to us,

and we feel we have accomplished this with Inland Seafood.”

Media Contact: Ali Rosenberger

(470) 427-5886

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